Remote Session via Skype or zoom


How can Hypnosis work remotely?

You've been absorbed by a movie or TV show , I'm sure. You are perfectly aware of everything around you in the room yet your attention is focused on the screen. You become involved emotionally, sometimes  even physically. And like the actors and writers of your favorite show, as long as you can hear my voice, and I can hear yours, I don't need to be in the room with you!


What do you need?

A free Zoom or Skype account, a Smartphone, desktop, good internet connection, a laptop or web-enabled tablet, a set of headphones or earbuds, preferably with built-in mic, and an hour or so of un-interrupted privacy in a room set up some thing like the ones at HMI. I'll send you instructions. It's pretty easy. In a pinch it can even be done over the phone.


Time is relative!

I have flexible time spots for Eastern and Central States and Saturday appointments. And you don't have to be far away to utilize remote sessions. The Injured, Senior, or disabled, those on holiday, business or entertainment industry travelers—or just plain old outside-the-818-traffic-challenged LA residents can use the convenience of Skype sessions!