What It Can Do

Weight Loss


You’ve tried all the diets, gym memberships and exercise equipment, and still...

Hypnotherapy can gently take you to, and desensitize the source of the hunger.

You’ll be surprised at how simple it is. It’s a weight loss program you can afford and, one you CAN do.

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Enhance Performance


Better sales. Better sports. Better sex. Better everything!

The Subconscious mind doesn’t really exist, not as a structure in the Brain. It’s a way of talking about “that which is automated.”

You do some things well, habitually.  What if I told you that those things you do poorly, or put off, can also  be thought of as habits? And habits can be changed.

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Habit Release


Drinking, drugs, smoking, and gambling, are givens.

All sorts of other things can be thought of as addictions, and as such, are responsive to Hypnotherapy.

Stress, anxieties, fears, and phobias, procrastination, writer’s block, even physical pain are just a few of the behaviors to which we can become “addicted.” Call me and find out more. 

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