Habit Release

Alcohol & Drugs

Getting There, digital art, 1999, Steven Lee

Hypnosis can help in getting to recovery and afterwards, handling the triggers of relapse. Hypnosis embeds a more positive outlook, and reinforces your ability to make healthy choices.

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In some cases smoking is a drug addiction. You might be surprised to learn that for the most part smoking is a long-rehearsed set of habits, not one, but several, each with deep subconscious connections.

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Fears and Anxieties


Flying, leaving the house, driving, making presentations and public speaking are just a few of the fears or phobias hypnosis can mitigate or remove.

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Pain Management


Hypnosis for pain management is finding wider and wider academic acceptance. When no one can find a cause for your pain, come see me,

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Chronic Illness


Any serious illness carries with it anticipatory anxieties that can amply the symptoms. A disease may be microbial or viral in origin but faster recovery is all about attitude,

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Your Boss, Friend, or Partner


Some people trigger us. All they have to do is walk in and we're on edge. Why does a simple  conversation snowball into a serious fight? The fix is much easier than you might think.

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