Weight Loss


Good News

You are not weak. You are not sick. You are not powerless. And, just because you may have tried before and failed, you are not a failure.

You are however,  fighting biology and evolution. And you are fighting those battles on highly unfavorable ground.


Modern America is a great place to eat but perhaps the worst place  in the world to eat well. We are surrounded by readily available foods that didn't exist in the past, foods our bodies were not designed to handle. Most of it goes straight to our butts, gut or thighs. But you know this. 

It’s all about change. Our country has changed, our families, our bodies are always changing. There’s a problem. Not only are our bodies designed for a diet that no longer exists, our brains are hard-wired to resist change. And yet weight-loss, real weight loss, is not just about the food, it’s about a lifestyle change—when, where and why we eat.

Another complication, our eating habits are often enmeshed with those of our family. In fact you may have noticed that past attempts at dietary change produced seemingly supportive yet oddly negative or less than helpful, mixed reactions from loved ones. Sabotage is a word that I hear often.

There are reasons for all of this, most of which are buried in what people call the sub-conscious mind. Some of those reasons can be buried quite deeply.

The enmeshed stuff, the buried stuff, that’s where hypnosis really helps.


Reveal, rewire, and relearn, that’s what I do, that’s what I did, and that’s how, together we can use the hypnotic-therapeutic process to help you.

Hypnotherapy can desensitize those moments, the sights, smells,sounds, memories and other things  which can trigger your craving.


Hypnosis is not magic. But it can be miraculous. There is a reason that a growing number of psychologists are learning hypnosis to use in their practice. Hypnotherapy is an effective, fast and less expensive way to access habit change.

You can do it, you CAN sustain it and you are worth it.

I have an 8 Session Weight loss Package that works.

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